Hey there. I’m Corena and that’s me sitting on a rooftop in the middle of New York City in my twenties. I was hopeful about the journey ahead, more hopeful than I have been in a long time so I decided to let that picture be my visual mantra that says, heroic journeys are more than possible. I want you to believe that too, deeply in the pit of your soul.

Journey with me in my writings, through essay, journals and poetry, to private places from pain, to triumph and transformation. Bear witness to my writing process as I develop works in progress from fiction to writing for film. Hopefully, there will be surprises along the way and in the future, including podcasts, live events, art, and online retreats.

I created this page to be a living thing that will grow with us so please subscribe, join the conversation, comment and share. Let’s grow this community into a place you will want to return to find your tribe.

I live in Stamford, CT with my husband, teenage daughter and dachshund dog Noble.

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Corena Young-Dixon

A writer, willfully believing in heroic journeys.